Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E
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Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E

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The Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E was designed as a forced rotation machine that offers fast cutting capabilities compared to other models with transmission, even faster than the BigFoot LHR21 MK II or BigFoot LHR15 MK II. As a result, the Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E offers exceptional cutting power with a minimum of heat generated and very few holograms. Similar to an Orbital D / A machine.

The Rupes Mille electric motor allows silent operation together with a clockwise rotation, reducing unwanted lateral movement and thus preventing premature operator fatigue.

Forced rotation or machines with transmission, offers an ideal compromise between the cutting action of the rotary polishing machine and the safety offered by an Orbital D / A machine. The cogwheel transmission forces rotation and orbit to form a more consistent pattern than a standard orbital machine. And keep doing this no matter how much pressure is applied. This allows a more concentrated cutting action that can be found in free-rotating orbital machines.

Technical specifications of Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot Mille LK900E:

Orbit: 5mm
Weight: 2.8kg
Power: 900 w
Dual speed control (button & rotate)
Oscillations per minute: 265 - 535 - 1700 rpm
Cable length: 9 m
Filet: 3/16

Quantity: 1 pc