Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot LHR 15 Mark III, 15mm, 125mm
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Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot LHR 15 Mark III, 15mm, 125mm

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Improved ergonomic features: The rubber front cover offers exceptional comfort for the user, as well as a non-slip surface that makes handling easier. The rear handle is also fitted with rubber inserts for better grip. Two rubber supports, strategically positioned on the body of the car, keep it stable when the tool is at rest; they also play a protective role in the event of an unwanted impact. The continuous improvement of the BigFoot eccentric orbital tool platform, makes Mark III consolidate its reputation, and the already very good results are even better.

Electronic speed control mode: The new speed control mode allows the user to make speed adjustments without changing the position of the hands. The larger selector can be easily operated with the thumb. The high visibility numbers and the movement of the wheel make the operator's work easier, allowing him to choose the ideal speed for the type of work chosen, without interrupting the polishing procedure.

9 meter electric cable: The new 9 m cable is calibrated to provide the maximum power required for a polishing machine for safe and efficient operation. The longer cable means time, effort and saves you the trouble of purchasing additional extensions, which are needed when a car needs to be polished around.

Progressive startup: To facilitate a higher level of control over the tool, a progressive starter was added. It works as an accelerator and allows the user, along with the variable speed selector, to work at the desired speed and to make the necessary adjustments quickly, without interrupting the polishing procedure and without changing the position of the hands.

Design: Attention to detail means more than making an attractive design. Every detail, from the rubber supports that give the tool stability at rest to the progressive starter, is the result of a meticulous research activity meant to obtain the highest degree of user comfort.

Technical specifications of Orbital Polisher Rupes Bigfoot LHR 15 Mark III, 15mm, 125mm:

Speed ​​Control: Yes
Speed ​​Steps: 1 - 6
Weight: 2.6 kg
Speeds / Oscillations: 3000 - 5200
Power (W): 500
Orbit: 15 mm
Polish sponge size: 150 mm
Taler size: 125 mm

Quantity: 1 pcs