Orange Peel Removal Pad Carpro Denim 2000, 80mm
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Orange Peel Removal Pad Carpro Denim 2000, 80mm

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With the help of Orange Peel Removal Pad Carpro Denim 2000, 80mm, you can remove or reduce the effect of orange peel on the car paint, without a proper sanding. While you will remove the orange peel and deep scratches, you will leave fine scratches that can be removed much more easily through the polishing process.

Features of Orange Peel Removal Pad Carpro Denim 2000, 80mm:

- removes orange peel and deep defects;
- emery equivalent - P2000 granulation;
- perforations for aeration, in this way the accumulation of varnish dust on the surface of the sponge is avoided;

Pore ​​size: 80 ppi
Material: denim
Color: denim
Foam hardness: 3kpa
Diameter: 80 mm

Instructions for use:

1. Attach the sponge to the polish plate.
2. Apply abrasive polish (a few drops) on the sponge.
3. Work on sections large enough to keep the temperature low, but be careful because the larger the surface, the longer it will take to remove the orange peel and remove the defects.
4. Start working at low speed.
5. Increase speed to approximately 1110 rpm (adjust as needed).
6. With proper lighting, observe the level of orange peel removal while working.
7. When you reach the desired correction level, decrease the speed of the polishing machine and make a shift to low speed.
8. After working each section, wipe with a microfiber cloth to check the level of correction.
9. Clean the sponge with a brush after each section.
10. After removing the orange peel, finish the surface using a foam sponge and a dedicated polish.


Note that this sponge is the equivalent of P2000 granular sandpaper. Please use this sponge only if you are sure that the orange peel effect is on the surface of the varnish and not in the paint layer or under the paint. Be very careful near edges and edges or avoid them if you are unsure. Do not use this sponge unless you have a paint thickness gauge. When working with this sponge, do not put pressure on the polishing machine and check the temperature.

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