Old Leather Softener Oil Colourlock, 250ml
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Old Leather Softener Oil Colourlock, 250ml

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Old Leather Softener Oil Colourlock, 250ml is a product for hydrating aged leather. Over time, the leather hardens. The leather fibers stick together and the leather becomes hard when it is not used. Leather Softener Oil will restore its suppleness and reduce the risk of breakage.

There are two reasons why the leather becomes hard:

The passage of time, dehydration and lack of use are generally the main reason why the leather becomes hard. Due to the lack of care and use, the leather becomes hard with the passage of time. Leathers that have reached this state can regain their suppleness with the help of the Leather Softener Oil product. Before, the hides were tanned more vegetable and much harder than today. Over-aged leathers are sensitive to treatment. We can recognize such leathers by the sensitivity to tearing. If the leather fibers are already rotten, they will not regain their resistance through hydration.

A second reason can be "sticking". Leather specialists can contract the leather by heating it. The vegetable tanned leather that was used in the past in cars contracts at a temperature slightly below 70 degrees C. The chrome tanned leather that is used today withstands a temperature between 90 - 100 degrees C without contracting. The less hydrated a leather is, the lower the temperature at which the leather begins to contract. There is no magic product to restore the leather to its original state.

The amount of 250 ml of Leather Softener Oil is enough to treat two car seats or several purses and small bags. One liter of Leather Softener Oil is enough for a complete car interior. Important: Do not soak the leather even if it is very old and dry because it will become too oily and too greasy.

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