Nappa Leather Repair Set Colourlock Strong, Black F034
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Nappa Leather Repair Set Colourlock Strong, Black F034

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Nappa Leather Repair Set Colourlock Strong, Black F034 is a complete kit for repairing nappa leather. Ideal for repairing nappa leather (painted on the surface) from vehicles or furniture, with defects such as: scratches, signs of wear, cracks and discoloration.

If you are looking for a complete set or a suitable gift for repairing leather defects in a vintage car or for repairing the leather of a complete piece of furniture, this set is the perfect solution. Scratches, signs of wear, discolorations, cracks that are present on the leather can be repaired with the help of this set.

Before the leather is repaired or cared for (moisturized, protected, it must be cleaned very well. This prevents the fixing of dirt on the leather through the dyeing or care operations. The Leather Cleaning Brush helps to easily remove the dirt impregnated in leather texture After cleaning with Leather Cleaner or after a recent care or in the case of the presence of fats, the leather must be degreased very well with Leather Cleaning Spirit and then Leather Fresh (Black - F034) can be applied.

Rough areas are sanded with the Leather Sanding Pad. To repair tears, you need Textile for Glue Repair and Leather Glue. Fluid Leather fills tears and cracks and can be smoothed with Flat Head Spatula. Imperfections resulting from the application of Fluid Leather paste can be smoothed with GLD-Pen.

In the case of scratches, signs of wear or discoloration (most often found at the entrance to the vehicle or on the seats of furniture elements), the original color can be restored with the help of the Leather Fresh product. Delicate painting or gluing operations are easier if the Mini Brush is used.

For leather care, we recommend the Leather Protector product, which contains antioxidants that stop leather aging, and UV protective substances protect it against discoloration. In addition, the leather will acquire a pleasant appearance.

Leather Shield protects against wear caused by friction and discoloration from clothes.

Elephant Leather Preserver is a rich cream for old leather with a silky appearance. Preserves and protects the leather.

The quantities shown above are normally sufficient to treat a complete vehicle interior or a complete set of furniture. Fluid Leather and Leather Glue are sufficient for repairing defects with a length of several centimeters. Leather Fresh is only used to refresh the colors of worn or scratched surfaces. Cleaning and care products are used on the entire surface of the leather. For major defects, extreme dirt or large surfaces, a larger quantity of products will be needed. But, this is necessary in some cases.


1 x Leather Cleaner Strong, 125 ml
1 x Leather Fresh, 150 ml
1 x Leather Protector, 150 ml
1 x Leather Shield, 150 ml
1 x Elephant Leather Preserver, 125 ml
1 x Leather Cleaning Spirit, 225 ml
1 x Liquid Leather, 7 ml
1 x Leather Glue, 20 ml
1 x Leather Cleaning Brush
1 x Leather Sanding Pad
1 x Flat Head Spatula
1 x Textile for Glue Repair
3 x Mini Brush
1 x GLD-Pen
1 x Viscose Cloth
1 x Set of 3 Sponges