Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml
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Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml
Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml
Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml

Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml

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Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml is a water-based polish designed for cleaning glazed surfaces (glass windows) before applying a hydrophobic treatment. By combining the physical cutting abilities of quartz and the chemical cleaning power of citric acid, Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml  quickly and efficiently removes all traces of contamination from the glass surface and fine scratches (if used with a polishing machine ).


Safe for foil: NO
Intensive cleaning action: YES
Suitable for interior windows: NO
Suitable for exterior windows: YES
Consumption: ~ 10ml / m2 (~ 50ml for all car windows)

Instructions for use:

Shake the bottle well before use. Place 3-4 drops of product on a microfiber applicator and work the product in a circular motion on the glass surface, using moderate speed and firm pressure. Continue working the product until the surface becomes completely clear without residues. If residue remains, you can remove it with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml  can also be used with a polishing machine and a medium abrasive sponge.

Nanolex Glass Polish, 100ml  is developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Quantity: 100 ml