Motorex Joker 440 Synthetic Universal Spray, 500ml
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Motorex Joker 440 Synthetic Universal Spray, 500ml

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Lubrication spray and corrosion protection, completely synthetic, universal. It leaves behind an extremely effective protective film. It slips under water, protects against corrosion, has a dielectric effect and cleans and maintains metals and plastics.

Motorex Joker 440 Synthetic Universal Spray, 500ml is essential for industry, commerce, household and leisure. It lubricates all moving parts, removes creaking and is perfect for cleaning and maintaining metal and plastic surfaces. Successfully prevents leakage current from the printed circuit board.

Benefits of Motorex Joker 440 Synthetic Universal Spray, 500ml:

- lubricant
- remove the squeak
- penetrating
- protects against corrosion
- reject water
- dielectric

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