Medium Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm
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Medium Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm

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Medium Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm is the quality standard for many of the car manufacturers in the world. Medium Cut Foam Menzerna, 150mm has a less dense structure than the Menzerna Compounding Pad. This means that we have a pad that has enough cutting power to remove the oxidation of the painted surfaces, or to help remove "spider web" scratches. At the same time, this pad allows the abrasives to be broken in polish in an efficient way to obtain a gloss of the best clarity.

Our tip: The density of the foam allows for amazing levels of correction, and at the same time allows for perfect results. Menzerna Medium Polishing Pad must be accompanied by a 125 mm diameter cutter.

Diameter: 150 mm
Thickness: 30 mm

Note: Fits all 125 mm diameter plates

Content: 1 pcs