Medical Professional Cleaning Cart Esenia
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Medical Professional Cleaning Cart Esenia

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Medical Professional Cleaning Cart Esenia is a professional cleaning cart assigned especially for the transport of medical supplies and the collection of medical waste from hospitals and various health institutions. It is resistant to collisions thanks to its silent, buffered and braked wheels, which can move easily. It offers the possibility of fixing on inclined planes with braked wheels.

This professional cleaning trolley will make work easier with its production in international standards, with a modular and ergonomic structure. With its optional accessory, it offers the possibility to use the trash compartment as 2 x 60 liters. The plastic body structure allows for indoor and outdoor use, is not affected by water cleaning and does not rust.

The polypropylene material, which is resistant to chemicals and heat, is used in the raw material of the product.

Technical Specifications of Medical Professional Cleaning Cart Esenia:

Product body thickness: 6 mm;
Product dimensions (Width, Length, Height) 62 x 150 x 108 cm;
Product weight 46.7 kg;
Capacity 200 kg;
Wheels 8 X Ø100 mm;

Features of Medical Professional Cleaning Cart Esenia:

- waste compartment volume 4 x 30L;
- waste cover
- waste cover with service program, color ethics, waste classification
- 4 colored and closed buckets with a top cover
- drawer with 2 separators, lid
- cleaning buckets incorporated in the upper body
- bucket of accessories 1 x 12 liters
- kit of accessories
- mop holder
- 1 x 22L blue and 1 x 22L red buckets;

Quantity: 1 pc