Lube Degreaser Spray Mobil, 500ml
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Lube Degreaser Spray Mobil, 500ml

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Lube Degreaser Spray Mobil, 500ml is a fast-evaporating, chlorine-free aerosol for the food industry.

Benefits of Lube Degreaser Spray Mobil, 500ml:

- meets FDA requirements for lubricants with accidental contact with food, 21 CFR 178.3570 and is registered NSF H1;
- allows quick cleaning and removal of stains from all metal surfaces;
- dries quickly at room temperature without leaving traces or residues;
- colorless and practically odorless;
- formulated without chlorine, fluorine, N-hexane, cyclohexane and aromatic compounds (benzene);
- does not contain derivatives of animal origin and allergens listed in Annex II to Directive 2011/1169/EC on food ingredients;
- no risk of corrosion on metal;
- with its strong unidirectional spray and low surface tension, the lubricant degreaser spray can reach and clean parts in hard-to-reach areas;


Lube Degreaser Spray is a special anti-stick spray for the food industry.
Intended for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts and car frames contaminated with oil, grease, anti-rust products or other dirt.
It is not recommended for cleaning electrical equipment.
It can be used as an evaporative penetrating oil and lubricant for metal parts with screen connection (nuts, bolts, screws...) due to its low surface tension.

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