Loctite Superglue 401, 3g
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Loctite Superglue 401, 3g

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Loctite Superglue 401, 3g is an instant adhesive that hardens quickly, designed for mounting hard-to-stick materials that require even tension distribution and high resistance to tension and / or shear. The product offers quick bonding of a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic and elastomers. Instant Adhesive Loctite 401, 3gr is also suitable for gluing porous materials such as wood, paper, leather and textiles. Perfect for all quick repairs and all types of small emergency repairs.

Benefits of Loctite Superglue 401, 3g:

- universal instant adhesive
- very high resistance for close parts
- perfect for all quick repairs all types of small emergency repairs.
- glues a wide variety of similar or dissimilar substrates (metals, rubber, wood, cardboard, ceramics, as well as most plastics)

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