Liqui Moly Sealant Remover, 300ml
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Liqui Moly Sealant Remover, 300ml

Liqui Moly Sealant Remover, 300ml

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Liqui Moly Sealant Remover, 300ml is a mixture of selected solvents for their fast and thorough cleaning properties.


- dissolves the hardened residues of the adhesive;
- removes hardened sealant compounds and adhesives;
- fast action;
- adheres well to vertical surfaces;
- saves time.


- can be used for steel, iron and non-ferrous metal objects, ceramics, wood and glass;
- Suitable especially for motor and industrial vehicles, such as for valve covers, cylinder heads, water pumps, flanges and gaskets, engine, exhaust and other mechanical parts.

Instructions for use:

- shake well before use;
- spray on the residues to be removed from a distance of 20-30 cm and leave to take effect for 5-10 minutes.

Content: 300 ml (spray spray)