Liqui Moly Pipe Sealant, 10g
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Liqui Moly Pipe Sealant, 10g

Liqui Moly Pipe Sealant, 10g

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Liqui Moly Pipe Sealant, 10g is a liquid thread seal, durable and reliable, resistant to fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids. Replace hemp and pasta. Temperature range in use is between - 60 ° C and + 150 ° C.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Pipe Sealant, 10g:

- without leakage of liquid residues
- replaces hemp and pasta
- drying in the absence of oxygen
- extremely fast drying
- easy to use
- excellent wetting properties
- medium resistance

How to use: For metal threads max. R3˝ (M80). Suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, such as braking systems and power steering. Surfaces to be sealed must be cleaned of grease, oil, paint or dust. The optimal sealing is done by sanding the surfaces. The sealant has been formulated so that the joint can be unscrewed using a suitable tool, without damaging it.

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