Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L
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Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L

Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L

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Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L is a cleansing agent that contains substances that protect the skin. This product is neutral to the skin and does not contain solvents. The pH has been adjusted to be slightly acidic, but within the range of skin neutrality - a fact that has been confirmed by numerous dermatological tests. This product is essentially based on materials taken from renewable sources. Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L removes even the smallest contaminants such as oils, grease, tar, bitumen and topographic inks, without any danger to the skin.


- neutral pH for the skin;
- dermatologically tested;
- protects and cares for the skin;
- economic;
- very good cleaning effect;
- pleasant sensation of the skin after washing.

Skin tolerance:

Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L is a dermatologically tested paste, has a neutral pH and has been the subject of extensive skin medical tests. Because it is a high quality product, Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste has always proven to be a success. The formula, which contains a carefully selected combination of surfactants, promotes in a skin-friendly manner, the removal of contaminants and leaves a pleasant skin sensation.

Legal requirements:

Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L is subject to the Ordinance on Cosmetics, the EC Cosmetics Directive and the Law on Food and Commodities for Daily Use. Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste - Hand Cleaning Paste is not one of the products subject to the Chemicals Act and the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Therefore, an EC safety data sheet is not required.

Ecological data:

Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L is not one of the products that are subject to the law of compatibility with the environment in accordance with the act of washing and cleaning agents. However, the product complies with this law regarding the biodegradability of detergent-based products.


According to the cosmetics ordinance, Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L can be stored in original sealed containers at room temperature for at least 30 months.

Other skin protection instructions:

Today, one in three people suffers from allergies. Skin problems are the most common form of occupational disease and can lead to an inability to work. The high concentration of harmful substances in the workplace requires special protective measures. The fat and moisture contained in the skin are especially important during the winter. At this time of year, the humidity is very low due to the fact that the cold air is not able to provide as much humidity as the warm air. During this period, people do not produce so much skin fat. The hands dry very easily and crack, which can be seen through a white layer on the surface of the hands. Because they can easily become unprotected, they need special care.


Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste, 12.5L is economical, cleans pores and leaves a pleasant skin sensation. Rub the paste well between wet or dry hands until the dirt is removed from the skin. Then add a little water and wash thoroughly. Rinse your hands thoroughly with plenty of water and dry them as you normally would.

Content: 12.5 liters