Liqui Moly Gear Protect, 80ml
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Liqui Moly Gear Protect, 80ml

Liqui Moly Gear Protect, 80ml

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Liqui Moly Gear Protect, 80ml is a gearbox protection additive, completely synthetic and soluble in oil, which was recently developed in accordance with the latest technologies to be used in the auxiliary and differential system of modern transmissions. The surface active components of the high voltage protection and anti-wear additives reduce wear and guarantee the optimal operation of the transmission.


- reduces wear;
- improves gear change performance;
- the transmission works smoother and quieter;
- reduces transmission noise;
- increases the load resistance capacity;
- ensures the optimal operation of the transmission.


- for all manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions;
- due to the reduction of friction, it is not indicated for use in fully automatic transmissions or in oil bath clutches.

Instructions for use:

- the content of an 80 ml container is enough for 2 liters of transmission oil;
- before adding the product, an appropriate amount of transmission oil must be removed with the help of the tube attached to the product, and discarded in accordance with the regulations in force;
- the product is added especially during oil change and repairs, in a single dose.

Content: 80 ml