Liqui Moly Diesel Additive, 300ml
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Liqui Moly Diesel Additive, 300ml

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Liqui Moly Diesel Additive, 300ml is a combination of active substances with properties of cleaning, dispersion, cetane number improvement and material protection. It corresponds to today's engines, materials used and operating conditions.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Diesel Additive, 300ml:

- ensures cleanliness and prevents the formation of deposits in the fuel supply system and in the combustion chamber
- keeps the injection nozzles clean, ensures a better combustion and thus a lower specific fuel consumption, increasing the engine power-
prevents seizures and clogging of the jaws
- increases the cetane number, ensures a good combustion, which protects the engine
- usable in modern diesel engines with oxidation catalysts

How to use: Add to tank before refilling. A dose of 300 ml is sufficient for a maximum of 60 liters of diesel.

Quantity: 300ml