Liqui Moly Cold Spray, 400ml
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Liqui Moly Cold Spray, 400ml

Liqui Moly Cold Spray, 400ml

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Liqui Moly Cold Spray, 400ml has a universal use for repairing and locating defects in all areas. This sprayer allows structural components to penetrate the narrowest spaces. Using the sprayer is an easy way to locate faults in electrical circuits caused by thermal overloads and can also be used to test temperature probes to ensure their operation. It can even be used in medicine to prepare tissue samples for microscopic analysis.


- does not contain solvents;
- rapid localized cooling;
- risk of frost if it comes into contact with the body;
- universal use.


- solidification spray has a universal area of ​​applicability, for repairs and location of defects in all sectors;
- with the help of this sprayer, the structural components can be mounted with the highest precision;
- also helps to easily detect faults in electrical circuits and their overload;
- mounting bearings, shafts and bushings in precision works;
- Liqui Moly Cold Spray, 400ml can be used to check electrical components, such as temperature sensors and control panels, etc.;


- spray on the components to be treated, evenly for a few seconds;
- the cooling effect may vary depending on the duration of the spray;
- the product is harmless if used properly;
- there is a risk of frost if it comes in direct contact with the body.

Content: 400 ml (spray spray)