Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste, 50gr
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Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste, 50gr

Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste, 50gr

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Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste, 50gr is a universal paste, partially synthetic, without metal, which has been formulated for the most demanding applications. The combination of a partially synthetic base oil, a mature additive technology and some of the most advanced solid lubricants in the area of ​​hi-tech ceramics, have produced a high performance paste for universal use.


- prevents cold grip and welding;
- prevents jerky slip behavior even for pressures on large surfaces;
- very stable in the presence of hot or cold water, as well as in the presence of most acids and bases;
- does not attack any known sealed material;
- very high load capacity;
- prevents brake noise;
- non-toxic;
- withstands temperatures: -40 ° C - + 1400 ° C;


- to be used for the lubrication of all slippery surfaces, heavily loaded;
- to be used especially for low sliding speeds and / or oscillating movements and for screws, contact plugs and bayonet connectors made of steel and for non-ferrous metals;
- separation of components subjected to heat stress, such as internal combustion engines, turbines and braking systems of vehicles;
- anticorrosive protection of screws, needles, staples, flanges, shafts;
- also works in places such as refineries, cement or steel, as well as in maritime transport and agricultural engineering;

Instructions for use:

- before being treated with Liqui Moly Ceramic Paste, 50gr, all components must be cleaned and free of residues, dirt and moisture;
- apply on clean surfaces used a brush, brush or a lint-free cloth;
- apply the appropriate amount to the surface on which it is applied.

Content: 50 grams