Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner, 1000ml
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Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner, 1000ml

Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner, 1000ml

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Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner, 1000ml very efficient, biodegradable. Special designed for extremely dirty bikes. It dissolves quickly and removes mud, dirt, dust, leaves, etc. It does not leave greasy residues and does not influence the braking effect.

Technical data:

Color / appearance: colorless
Base: surface active / water soluble agents
Density at 20 ° C: 1,014 g / cm³

Areas of application: For complete cleaning of bicycles and carbon components.

Use: Remove impurities with a jet of water. Apply the cleaning solution on a damp surface from a distance of 30 cm. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Do not allow the solution to act longer than the recommended time. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Note: Do not apply on hot surfaces or hot painted surfaces!

Quantity: 1000ml