Liqui Moly ATF Additive, 250ml
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Liqui Moly ATF Additive, 250ml

Liqui Moly ATF Additive, 250ml

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Liqui Moly ATF Additive, 250ml optimally maintains the rubber seals and plastic seals in the steering mechanism and in the automatic transmission. Prevents or eliminates leaks from transmission, caused by stiffened or weakened gaskets, respectively. Cleans transmission holes and channels and restores oil efficiency. Reduces noise, improves automatic transmission coupling processes. Extends the service life of the steering gear and automatic transmissions.

Benefits of Liqui Moly ATF Additive, 250ml:

- regenerates gaskets
- prevents oil loss
- care and protection
- cleans and maintains
- stable to oxidation
- minimizes unwanted noise
- prevents costly repairs
- increases the service life
- high wear resistance
- prevents rapid aging of the oil
- shock absorber replacement operations

How to use: The ATF additive is added to the power steering expansion vessel, resp. mix with the transmission oil using the dipstick. The content of 250 ml is enough for 8 l of oil.

Quantity: 250ml