Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock, 250ml
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Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock, 250ml

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Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock, 250ml is a detergent for washing leather shoes. Suitable for all types of shoes. It is used for wet cleaning, disinfection, pH adjustment, odor reduction.

The amount of 250 ml of Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock is sufficient for cleaning one or more pairs of shoes. The one liter one is recommended for customers who use the product frequently. Protected from frost and sunlight, Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock keeps its qualities for many years.

How to use: Leather Shoe Cleaner Colourlock is diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio. Apply the product with the Leather Cleaning Brush and clean. No rinsing is necessary. Then let the shoe dry to the inside. In addition to the cleaning power, this detergent regulates the pH, disinfects and reduces the unpleasant smell.

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