Leather Sanding Pad Colourlock
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Leather Sanding Pad Colourlock

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Leather Sanding Pad Colourlock is a multifunctional sandpaper that is used for smoothing rough surfaces before repairs, to correct some imperfections or to smooth out the asperities formed in the painting process.

Leather Sanding Pad Colourlock can be used for:

- for preparing leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces before painting
- for finishing rough surfaces
- to correct imperfections formed during dyeing with Leather Fresh
- to smooth pinched areas or to remove blemishes from leather with open pores
- for smoothing surfaces treated with Neutral Color
- to remove dark spots from oily leather
- for finishing the surfaces treated with Color Neutral before continuing the treatment
- for removing lint from Alcantara

How to use: Touch the rough areas of the nappa leather. Start carefully with circular movements avoiding the formation of scratches or deep scratches. Check with your palm if there are any roughness. Repeat if necessary.

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