Leather Repair Fabric for Backing Colourlock
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Leather Repair Fabric for Backing Colourlock

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Leather Repair Fabric for Backing Colourlock is a backing cloth to stabilize leather glue repairs. Those larger tears and holes in the leather that are still repairable must be stabilized by lining them back with cloth.

Material: canvas, approx. 15 x 25 cm

Fields of application: car leather, leather for furniture, leather clothing.

For: artificial leather, aniline leather, pigmented leather, PU leather, Pull Up leather, semi-aniline leather, suede and nubuck leather

Cut the canvas in the desired shape, slightly larger than the hole in the skin and mark the center with a pen or a small sticker. The marking will help you recognize the center and ensure a consistent overlap. Fix the center with a needle and spread the edges evenly under the skin with a spatula. Then stick with glue.

Remember: Damages that have a hole or missing skin will have to be filled with liquid leather and colored with Leather Fresh dye, available in 30 ml and 150 ml.

Quantity: 1 pc (15 x 15 cm)