Leather Key Case BMW
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Leather Key Case BMW

Leather Key Case BMW

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Dark beige/Light beige

Leather Key Case BMW is a high quality leather case for your BMW car key. The keys to the new BMW models (2011 - present) are not cheap at all. They contain highly sensitive electronic parts, easily broken buttons and a radio transmitter - all of which can be damaged, making it an expensive "trip" to the nearest BMW dealer to order a new key.

To avoid these unpleasant things, use the Leather Key Case BMW with confidence for a long-lasting protection. This case is suitable for BMW F01, F07, F10, F12 / 13, F25, F30 keys.

Available colors:

- black (standard version);
- black / gray (urban version);
- black / brown (luxury version);
- black / red (sports version);
- dark beige / light beige (modern version);
- black / blue (sport version M);

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