Leather Handbag and Suitcase Care Set Colourlock
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Leather Handbag and Suitcase Care Set Colourlock

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Leather Handbag and Suitcase Care Set Colourlock is a set for the maintenance of leather bags. This set contains everything necessary for a correct maintenance of nappa leather or oiled leather gents. The nappa leather has a protective layer of paint on the surface, which prevents water from penetrating into its structure. Oily leather has a waxy surface, which makes it look lighter in color when it is squeezed or scratched.

The quantities of 15 ml of Elephant Leather Preserver and 30 ml of Mild Leather Cleaner are enough to clean and care for several leather bags or one larger one.

How to use: Always test the products on a hidden area Put a small amount of Mild Leather Cleaner on the sponge and start cleaning the leather carefully from one seam to another. Use a cloth slightly moistened with water to remove the dirt and the detergent, and then let it dry.

Use a clean and soft cloth, suitable for absorbing a small amount of Elephant Leather Preserver and shake the cloth. Then apply to the leather and polish if necessary. In the case of low temperatures, the cream is not easy to apply. Therefore, work in comfortable temperature conditions or heat easily with a hair dryer.


1 x Mild Leather Cleaner 30 ml
1 x Elephant Leather Preserver 15 ml 
1 x Cleaning Sponge