Leather Discoloration Remover Colourlock Top Remover, 250ml
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Leather Discoloration Remover Colourlock Top Remover, 250ml

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Leather Discoloration Remover Colourlock Top Remover, 250ml is a special solvent-free cleaning product. Discolorations on furniture or car upholstery from clothing, belts, bags, wallets or staples are common. When these discolorations were not cleaned immediately, they will penetrate the material, making their removal impossible with ordinary cleaning products. With the help of the solvent-free Top Remover product, these discolorations can be removed when ordinary cleaning detergents cannot do so.

In the case of discolouration, proceed as follows: wet the discolored surface with Top Remover and apply Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner, 1000ml with the Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush and clean the still wet surface with circular movements without pressing too hard. Wipe with a clean cloth and let it dry. Repeat if necessary. Then, the surface must be protected with Colourlock Leather Shield, 1000ml.

The amount of 150 ml is normally sufficient, considering that Top Remover is a special product for removing difficult stains and that it has dissolving power. The quantity of 1 L is recommended for professionals who use the product intensively.

Top Remover can do even more. We recommend that you prepare the surface with Top Remover in the case of repainting leather, vinyl and plastic. Thus, an adherent surface for the paint is obtained. In the case of repairs where the area around the defects (ruptures, holes) is intact, Top Remover prepares the surface to be painted.

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