Leather Detergent Care Set Colourlock
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Leather Detergent Care Set Colourlock

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Leather Detergent Care Set Colourlock is ideal for manual or automatic washing of leather articles and for protection against discoloration during washing. In general, any leather can be easily washed with Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate manually or automatically. By using the right temperature and following the proper instructions, your leather goods will be clean, soft and shrink-free again.

The amount of 250 ml of Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate is enough for one or two washes. If the leather is washed more often, the detergent is also available in one-liter Leather and Fur Detergent Colourlock, 1L.

Always keep the following in mind:

In the case of very dirty and greasy leathers (collars, sleeves, folds) it is better to treat them first with detergent and with the help of a soft brush.
If there are different colors on the leather or there are combinations of leather with textile material, it is inevitable that the discoloration will not occur. That's why you always use Leather Fixative.
Never wash two items of different colors. The exception is those of the same color. If there are color combinations on the same item, then wash all parts.
Some leathers are discolored or show signs of wear before they are washed. It is possible that these signs of wear become visible only after washing.
There are leathers whose paint is not fixed very well or they are covered with oils or fats. These leathers will clean, but they will change their appearance.
Buttons or buttons that are not fixed well and applied embroideries must be stabilized very well.
Sheepskins with a white underside can sometimes harden after washing. That's why I cut a little leather and try to wash it.
There is a risk that exotic or braided leathers, very expensive leathers, furs and very old articles cannot be washed. In such cases, consult a specialist in the field.

Leather Fixative fixes the tanning substances and colors in the leather. Prevents discoloration during washing. Leather Fixative is used for all mixed articles (leather of different color or in combination with textile). Linings of the same color or black do not require treatment with Leather Fixative. First, test on a leather item that has only one color: shake a wet cloth ten times on a hidden leather surface. If no discoloration is observed, then there is no need to treat the skin with Leather Fixative.

Way of ussage:

Do not use it in the washing machine, but only in a dish
Mix half of the amount of Leather Fixative with 5-10 liters of warm water depending on the size of the item to be washed. In the case of biker costumes, use the entire bottle for one costume.
Immerse the leather article and leave it for approx. 60 min. stirring from time to time
Take out the article and without rinsing, put it in the washing machine. Then throw away the residue.

CAREFUL! Use gloves. Leather Fixative can cause skin irritation.


1 x Leather & Fur Wash Concentrate, 250 ml
1 x Leather Fixative, 100 ml
1 x Washing Instructions for Leather Clothing