Leather Degreaser Colourlock, 250ml
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Leather Degreaser Colourlock, 250ml

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Leather Degreaser Colourlock, 250ml is an excellent degreaser for removing grease without dissolving the paint. It can be used for degreasing different types of leather. Degreaser is a degreasing product with wide use. Although it does not contain solvents, it has a high degreasing power and at the same time, it is gentle on surfaces, does not dissolve colors and is suitable for degreasing all types of leather.

Areas of application:

- For degreasing nappa leather (painted on the surface) and for removing residues from other products, before repairing with Leather Filler (Fluid Leather) or before refreshing the colors with Leather Fresh, to ensure an adherent surface for the repair products.
- For degreasing the leather on furniture in the area of ​​the head and arms where fat usually accumulates and also on steering wheels, handles, gear shifters, bag and suitcase handles, etc.
- For cleaning / degreasing slippery areas in the furniture industry.
- To degrease the collars of jackets before they are washed with detergent
- For degreasing greasy areas before professional painting in specialized workshops

The amount of 30 ml is sufficient for degreasing steering wheels or bag handles. The amount of 150 ml is enough for a set of furniture or a car interior. For degreasing several objects, we recommend the quantities of 250 ml and 1 L.

How to use: Always test the products on a hidden area. Although Degreaser does not dissolve colors, in case of excessive use, it may result in a whitish or stained surface on leathers with open pores. For this reason, a pre-test of the product is necessary.

Moisten a soft, clean, white cloth with Degreaser and apply to the grease stains. The nappa leather can be degreased after a pre-test. On the other hand, in the case of leather with open pores (suede, aniline, etc.), the cloth should be applied to the surface and left to act for a few moments, thus avoiding the formation of stripes and stains resulting from rubbing.

Not all stains can be completely removed. In particular, after long periods of time in which the leather has been loaded with fats due to direct contact with human leather or hair, it cannot be completely degreased with Degreaser. The fat has soaked into the leather structure over time, and Degreaser cannot absorb it. In such cases, use Colourlock Fat Absorber Spray.

After using the Degreaser product, the leather must be moisturized and protected with the appropriate products depending on its type.

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