Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml
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Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml

Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml

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Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml thoroughly cleans dirt and grime from all surfaces of vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Removes residue and deposits that contaminate the appearance of car seats, arms, ornaments and other interior components. Clean thoroughly so that the interior of your vehicle looks, feels and smells new.

Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on the seats, armrests and other surfaces of a car. But now it is easy to clean the film and the residue with Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml. Provides a deep cleaning action to remove leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces from dirt and grime. In addition to cleaning surfaces, our restoration product also conditions to restore the gloss of leather and vinyl.

Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml softens and weakens stubborn deposits hanging on the surface, while conditioning oils help keep the material soft, supple and hydrated. Our skin and vinyl restorer is enriched to give vinyl and skin a shiny look and feel. It will feel soft to the touch and will refresh the interior of your car leaving an invigorating lemon scent.

Benefits of Leather and Vinyl Restorer 3M, 473ml:

- renews the look and feel of leather and vinyl;
- the product for two purposes cleans and conditions;
- lemon scent refreshes the interior of cars;
- easy to use formula;
- spray, wipe.

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