Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml
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Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml

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Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml - Professional atomizer is based on the simple and efficient use system. Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml has the famous VITON gaskets, a directional and adjustable nozzle, a stable base and a milk-colored container, 1 liter. Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml is triggered automatically when the pressure in the container rises above 3 bar.

Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml is a very popular and used tool in the field of detailing, but also in household cleaning, the fixed nozzle making this atomizer ideal for applying upholstery cleaning products. The nozzle that adjusts between spray type application to constant and strong jet, makes Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml to be an ideal tool for any type of project.

Kwazar Venus Pro+, 1000ml is an ultra efficient, durable, and high quality atomizer.

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