Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml
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Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml

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Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml professional sprayer based on our exclusive multi-functional system, double action sprayer and sprayer in any position of the sprayer. Not only does it spray when the trigger is pressed, but also when it is released! Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml sprayer is specially designed for professional cleaning and hand washing, for cleaning mirrors, windows, windshields and other uses. The professional advantage of the Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml Sprayer is the Viton® seal which offers excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and detergents.

Professional cleaners appreciate the Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml for the comfort and ease of use with the double action trigger, thus saving an effort for professional cleaning. The adjustable nozzle allows spraying from large drops to fine vapors. Made of durable and chemically resistant materials, the Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml also includes an integrated fluid filter and a translucent glass, with a raised gradation for easy determination of the liquid level.

In addition to double spraying, Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 360°, 500ml comes with a system that makes this sprayer usable from any position (360 °).

Color: Red

Contents: 1 sprayer