K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
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K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit

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K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit is used to clean air filters (K&N, BMC, etc.), restores air circulation so that the filter can be reused without any problems. The kit consists of 2 solutions: 355 ml cleaning solution, 200 ml special oil for the air filter.

Instructions for use:

- prewash: shake the air filter well; brush lightly if necessary with a very soft brush or brush;
- apply the K&N solution to clean the filter, evenly on all the surface and leave it to act for 10 minutes;
- after 10 minutes, rinse the filter with water (normal mains pressure), until the whole filter is cleaned;
- if you have an air compressor, you can dry the filter with the compressor, if not, let it dry naturally;
- after the K&N air filter is completely dry, apply the oil from the K&N kit by spraying, on the entire surface of the filter, keeping the spray at a distance of 7 - 8 cm from the air filter;
- let the air filter absorb the oil for 20 minutes;
- if the oil has not been applied on its entire surface, apply it on the portions where it has not been applied, if everything is fine, you can mount it on the machine.

Content: 355 ml cleaning solution, 200 ml oil (aerosol spray)