Industrial Cleaner Spray Valvoline, 500ml
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Industrial Cleaner Spray Valvoline, 500ml

Industrial Cleaner Spray Valvoline, 500ml

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Industrial Cleaner Spray Valvoline, 500ml is a powerful, universal cleaning spray used to successfully remove polar and non-polar contaminants. It is very effective for metal surfaces and different types of plastics (treated and untreated). The industrial cleaning solution is one of the most efficient cleaning products due to its unmatched dissolution properties, which allow it to clean even some of the worst contaminants.

Benefits of Industrial Cleaner Spray Valvoline, 500ml:

- rapid evaporation
- non-conductive and non-corrosive properties that make it suitable for cleaning metals
- efficiency and fast-acting properties
- 360 ° valve;

How to use: Before starting the treatment, make sure that all conductive parts are covered and that the electrical installations are switched off. Spray the surface you want to treat and let the solvent take effect. For more persistent contamination, rub with a brush. To remove all contamination, repeat the process as many times as necessary.

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