Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Rain-X, 200ml
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Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Rain-X, 200ml

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Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Rain-X, 200ml dramatically improves visibility in the rain. Simply apply the treatment on the windshield and watch the raindrops slide on the windshield while driving. Rain-X helps improve visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow.

Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Rain-X, 200ml creates a film that repels water from your windshield to increase visibility while driving. After applying this solution, dirt, dust, etc. will adhere harder to the windshield of your car making it easier to clean.

- exterior treatment for glass, which repels rain, sleet and snow, so that it drains easily from the windshield, allowing a clearer visibility in wet weather;
- helps to more easily eliminate frost, ice, salt dirt and insects;
- helps to improve visibility, especially in humid conditions, both during the day and at night;
- also suitable for clear glass shower doors to repel soap scum;

Instructions for using the Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Rain-X, 200ml :

- clean and dry the surfaces before treatment;
- applied at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius;
- apply Rain-X on a dry microfiber cloth or cleansing disks;
- wipe the outer glass using a firm, circular and overlapping movement;
- allow the product to dry; a slight blurring may occur;
- apply Rain-X to ensure a complete and uniform coverage;
- remove the final mist (surplus) with a clean, dry cloth or sprinkle with water and wipe with a paper towel;

Avoid using Rain-X® on showers with plastic doors, glass shower doors with engraving or glazing, plexiglass and fiberglass. Avoid using Rain-X® on any plastic surface, including MOTO helmets, ATVs and solar panels.

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