Hybrid Engine Flush Protec, 375ml
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Hybrid Engine Flush Protec, 375ml

Hybrid Engine Flush Protec, 375ml

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Hybrid Engine Flush Protec, 375ml eliminates operational residues and sludge buildup on the entire oil and lubrication system of hybrid vehicles. All residues and carbon accumulate in the piston rings and in the area of the upper cylinder are completely removed. Harmful engine acids are neutralized. This allows efficient lubrication of all engine components of the internal combustion engine of hybrid vehicles, especially during the cold start phase, in which the engine is more frequent due to its reduced operation. This leads to lower fuel consumption, improved engine performance, less aggregate wear and longer catalyst life. In addition, the Hybrid Engine Flush Protec, 375ml protects the engine during the cleaning process with highly efficient lubrication components.

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