Holts EGR and Carb Cleaner, 500ml
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Holts EGR and Carb Cleaner, 500ml

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Holts EGR and Carb Cleaner, 500ml quickly removes harmful deposits caused by gasoline from carburetors and carbon from exhaust gases recirculated to diesel engines. Engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems are designed to reduce emissions, but can cause harmful deposits. Cleaning the system with our professional-grade cleaning agent prevents soot from accumulating, which can lead to EGR valves sticking, leading to poor performance and poor handling. Removes carbon deposits, restoring engine performance, efficiency and acceleration response.

Benefits of Holts EGR and Carb Cleaner, 500ml:

- Increases engine efficiency and acceleration response
- for petrol and diesel engines
- 360 ° spray

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