Headlight Coating Sonax Profiline, 50ml
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Headlight Coating Sonax Profiline, 50ml

Headlight Coating Sonax Profiline, 50ml

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Headlight Coating Sonax Profiline, 50ml, long-term for plastic headlights for cars. The protective layer of carbon silicone, which is resistant to environmental influences and vehicle washing, prevents the headlights from dimming from UV light from the sun. Shelf life of up to one year. Effect confirmed by Osram.

Product application:

- if necessary, treat the headlights carefully with Sonax Profiline Headlight Polish, 250ml
- open a bag and put it in a clean cloth and apply thin on the clean and dry headlight. The contents of one bag are intended to treat two headlights
- wipe off the residue immediately with a microfiber cloth
- then wait at least 4 hours for hardening, during which time the vehicle must not get wet
- the first washing of the vehicle must be carried out at the earliest after 1 week

Contents: 1 kit - 10 bags of 5 ml each, enough for 20 applications (50ml)