Hand Dryer Esenia ABS, White
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Hand Dryer Esenia ABS, White

Hand Dryer Esenia ABS, White

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Hand Dryer Esenia ABS, White is one of the most compact hand dryers, being at the same time equipped with an extremely reliable motor. Thanks to the durable ABS case, it has an appearance that makes it easy to integrate into any type of bathroom or changing room, being particularly recommended to be used in spaces with low traffic. It is one of the quietest hand dryers on the market, with a noise level of only 60 dB. In addition, it is equipped with a motion sensor and registered in the IPX1 safety class.

Technical specifications:

Power: 1650 W
Voltage: 220V-240V
Noise level: 60 dB(A)
Drying time: 30-40 seconds
Air temperature: 42°C
Automatic actuation with sensor
Electrical insulation class: II (these hand dryers do not require grounding)
Range of action of the sensor: 5-15 cm
Blown air speed: 90 m3/h
Hand dryer dimensions: 22.5 x 16.5 x 28.5 cm
Eco-friendly product

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