Gum and Tar Remover 3D, 473ml
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Gum and Tar Remover 3D, 473ml

Gum and Tar Remover 3D, 473ml

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Gum and Tar Remover 3D, 473ml uses high quality V.O.C compliant solvents to remove any sticky substance from any underlying material quickly, easily and safely. Removes sticky unsightly contaminants and stuck residue on hard, smooth surfaces without damaging the surface.

Benefits of Gum and Tar Remover 3D, 473ml :

- removes gum, tar, adhesive residue, stickers, glue, tree sap, emblem tape, rubber strips, grease, oily traffic film, asphalt, wheel weight adhesive
- can be used inside the machine to remove sticky candy residues
- safe for transparent paint, chrome, glass, plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces
- solvent-free formula
- The safe solvent for paint dissolves sticky substances, making them easy to wipe
- safer alternative to detailing clay or clay substitutes, mixing, polishing and sanding;

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