Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml
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Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml

Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml

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Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml is a specially designed, high quality aerosol used for cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces. Although it is rather basic, the solution is strong enough to remove dirt and grease.

Benefits of Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml:

- is based on water
- has high dissolution properties, leaving no residue behind
- acts as a cleaning and degreasing foam that easily decomposes dirt and grease

How to use: The processing temperature of Valvoline Glass Cleaner is between 5 and 30 ° C, which is why it is better to keep the product safe at room temperature before use. The cleaning process with Glass Cleaner Valvoline, 500ml is quite simple: just apply it on the glass surface you want to clean and leave the solution for a few moments to take effect. Use a soft cloth to spread the cleaning mixture evenly on the surface. For removal, use a dry cloth or absorbent paper.

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