Gear Oil Mobil Mobilube HD 80W-90, 20L
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Gear Oil Mobil Mobilube HD 80W-90, 20L

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Gear Oil Mobil Mobilube HD 80W-90, 20L are high-performance lubricants for heavy loads, formulated from high-quality base oils and an advanced additive system. These lubricants are designed for transmissions, axles and final transmissions of vehicles, where protection against wear and scratches is required. They are recommended for use in applications where API GL-4 service is required.

Today's heavy equipment applications place higher performance requirements on drive train lubricants. Higher speeds, higher torque and higher loads require improved formulations to maximize equipment life and optimize operating costs. Longer service intervals place additional demands on the gear lubricant requiring effective base systems and additives. Gear Oil Mobil Mobilube HD 80W-90, 20L is designed to face these challenges.

Recommended for use in:

- manual transmissions for heavy loads, axles and final transmissions that require API GL-4 level performance
- cars, on the highway, light and heavy trucks and commercial vehicles
- industries outside highways, including: construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture
- other heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications, including hypoid gears operating in moderate to severe conditions

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