Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L
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Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L

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Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L accurately and efficiently cleans plaque dust and persistent dirt on alloy wheels.

Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L is very efficient, does not contain acids, has a pH of only 7, is safe even for aluminum wheels or chrome wheels. The formula is also effective and safe to use on painted rims without damaging the varnish layer. Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L contains unique ingredients that are able to dissolve iron deposits. During the operation of your vehicle, the rims collect contaminants from the brake discs as well as from the brake pads. Due to the very high temperatures, these deposits remain stuck on the alloy wheels. Plate dust contains high levels of iron and once glued to the rim, they become very difficult to dissolve and remove without the use of very acidic substances.

Full Effect Rim Cleaner Sonax, 5L can be applied in the form of foam using a foaming spray or a regular spray. As the solution begins to have an effect on the iron particles, the solution changes color to red, signaling the presence of iron particles on the rim surface. The red color signals the transformation of the iron glued on the rims into a water-soluble liquid complex to be easily removed. Persistent plaque dust, or persistent dirt may require shaking the solution on the rims, but we usually only need to use a strong jet of water with a pressure washer.

Content: 5 liters (original packaging)