Flexible Charging System Mercedes-Benz EU Set, 22kW
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Flexible Charging System Mercedes-Benz EU Set, 22kW

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The Flexible Charging System Mercedes-Benz EU Set, 22kW is a mobile charging solution which enables charging at up to 22 kW. The adapter connecting point also makes it possible to adjust as needed to every charging situation. Whether at home, on the road or abroad, the flexible charging system ensures safe and flexible charging for your vehicle.


Charge at up to 22 kW
Adapter connecting point – individual adjustment to existing charging situations
Fixed type 2 connector (vehicle side)
Automatic adapter recognition and setting of charging capacity
Individually adjustable charging capacity
Safe charging
More order in the boot


Integrated residual current circuit breaker (type A) (AC 30 mA with protective conductor monitoring) and DC residual current monitor (RCD
DC 6 mA)
Integrated temperature sensors in all domestic adapters
Control unit resistant to being driven over (up to 2 tonnes)
Waterproof (IP67)
Operating temperature from -30 °C to +50 °C

Charging options (depending on each set):

Industrial plug sockets (CEE32/3, CEE32/1, CEE16/3, CEE16/1)
Domestic plug sockets (adapter type E/F (CEE7/7), adapter type G (UK), adapter T13 (CH))
Public charging stations/Wallboxes (adapter type 2)

Dimensions and weight:

Bag: 585 x 380 x 171 (l/w/h in mm)
Control unit: 70 x 225 (d/l in mm)
Cable length: overall system approx. 5 m, vehicle side up to control unit 3.1 m, adapter side up to control unit 1.4 m, adapter approx.
30 cm
Control unit: 7 cm in diameter, length 22.5 cm
Weight of charging system including cable: 4.2 kg

Quantity: 1 set