Flex Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Set
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Flex Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Set

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Get the most out of your FLEX vacuum cleaner with this Flex Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Set. They are compatible with all products in the FLEX VCE line of vacuum cleaners - classes L, M and H - to extend their functionality or to serve as a replacement for the manufacturer's components. Like vacuum cleaners themselves, attachments can be used anywhere from home to industrial workspaces, including for cleaning mold, asbestos, dust and other hazardous substances, depending on the vacuum class. The product includes a standard universal set of nozzles and brush heads that can be easily changed to help you clean the most efficiently on bare surfaces, carpet, pillows, upholstery and more. Also included are three 350mm extension pipes and an antistatic elbow connector, giving you extra access to the neglected corners behind the hard-to-reach furniture, the awkward elbows, the ceiling and anywhere else. A more thorough cleaning not only makes the space more attractive, but also promotes better health for you and your family, guests or colleagues.

Flex Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Set contains:

- an antistatic bed
- 3 350mm stainless steel extensions
- floor nozzle
- round brush
- cushion nozzle
- narrow nozzle.

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