Fleece Filter Bag Sprintus H13, 10 pcs
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Fleece Filter Bag Sprintus H13, 10 pcs

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Fleece Filter Bag Sprintus H13, 10 pcs for Professional Vacuum Cleaner Sprintus Floory, 11L, Professional Vacuum Cleaner Sprintus Maximus PT, 13L, Professional Vacuum Cleaner Sprintus Era Evo, 13L, Professional Vacuum Cleaner Sprintus Era Tec, 13L and other vacuum cleaners with the diameter of the bag filling hole between 25-45 mm.

HEPA technology was developed in the United States during the Second World War with the aim of retaining radioactive particles released by nuclear reactors, later finding its applicability in many sectors, the main purpose being to positively influence the quality of life and comfort, whether it is the medical field, the construction of cars, airplanes or household appliances.

The HEPA H13 filters capture even the smallest particles floating around us (filtering such as pollen, mold spores, mites and allergens). It purifies over 99% of the filtered air, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and creating a healthier home.

HEPA filters are essential in preventing the spread of bacterial and viral organisms from the air and, therefore, are also used in hospitals, laboratories or the pharmaceutical industry.

The textile bag for dust is in 4 layers, resistant to tearing, with a high degree of filtration.

Low operating costs due to the lower or equal price of similar paper bags.

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