Finish Polishing Pad Rupes BigFoot, Yellow, 70mm
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Finish Polishing Pad Rupes BigFoot, Yellow, 70mm

Finish Polishing Pad Rupes BigFoot, Yellow, 70mm

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Rupes polish sponges are specially designed for orbital polish machine. They produce excellent results together with a substantial time savings and a low consumption of abrasive polish. The irregular orbit movement provided by the BigFoot system creates mechanical stress on the polish sponges, generating an increase in internal temperature. The open cell structure of the sponge in the BigFoot system prevents heat buildup inside the sponge during polishing. In addition, this type of structure guarantees maximum efficiency with minimum vertical pressure from the operator. The central hole creates superior ventilation and heat dissipation through channels specially designed in polish sponges. The innovative design and cone shape optimize the performance of the large orbit, and at the same time protect against accidental contact between the edges of the tray and the paint.

The most versatile of all Rupes sponges, it adapts to the type of paste used. The fine structure of the cells has a medium / hard consistency. Produced from superior resins, this fine pad produces an intense gloss while offering a very good and fast level of correction.

Some of the working combinations with this sponge:

- Quartz for excellent finishing and one-step application;
- Keramik for excellent results on difficult surfaces, this combination easily removes light scratches and holograms;
- Diamond to get a very good gloss on very hard surfaces.

Finish Polishing Pad Rupes BigFoot, Yellow, 70mm is used in conjunction with Keramik Gloss Rupes on iBrid Nano Polisher Rupes.

Diameter: 70 mm
Abrasiveness: Fine

Quantity: 1 pcs