Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml
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Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml

Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml

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Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml is the result of an extensive testing action to create a fine polishing paste that combines the remarkable power of correction with the impressive finishing ability. The own recipe developed and produced by RUPES itself is created to have results when using both eccentric orbital high-stroke and planetary orbital polish machines. In combination with the special yellow sponges created by RUPES, with polyshare fur or microfiber pads, Rupes DA Fine offers a much higher level in terms of removing defects compared to ordinary polyshare products, without neglecting the incredible quality of the gloss. intense and easy wiping from surfaces, aspects that are to be expected from a product intended for final finishing used after the correction stage.

Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml can be used safely in car paints and has great results on lacquered, plain, gelcoat surfaces, etc.

Features and benefits of Finish Car Polish Rupes D-A Fine, 250ml:

• Excellent correction results compared to most fine polishes;
• New micro-abrasive technology and own recipe that increases the finishing power;
• Easy wiping to reduce the marks left by cloths on delicate surfaces or covered with raw paints;
• Easy application when the entire color-coded RUPES system is used;
• May be step 2 after using Rupes D-A Coarse, 250ml;
• Recommended for eccentric or planetary orbital polish machines.

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