Fabric Cleaner Ice Pro Fabric Power, 1kg
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Fabric Cleaner Ice Pro Fabric Power, 1kg

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Fabric Cleaner Ice Pro Fabric Power, 1kg is a solution specially designed to quickly remove most types of dirt from textile surfaces. With extremely low foaming, non-existent, the solution does not require antifoam when used, thus considerably reducing the time spent to extract foam from textile surfaces. Being a solution dedicated to textiles, it does not leave the fabric hard after cleaning (as an APC does) but on the contrary, the fabric remains soft and helps to maintain the colors.


1:20 for ordinary dirt (spray)
1:15 for heavy dirt (in spray)
1:10 for local cleaning (in spray)

Way of ussage:

1. Shake the container in the solution before preparing the dilution.
2. Prepare the solution according to the degree of dirt to be removed.
3. Moisten the textile surface to be cleaned.
4. Apply the solution with a sprayer.
5. Let the solution work for 2 minutes.
6. Shake the dirt with a brush if necessary.
7. Extract with an injection-extraction vacuum cleaner until only clean, foam-free water is extracted from the textile material.
8. If necessary, repeat the process.
9. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
10. Be sure to test the compatibility of the solution with the material that needs cleaning on an area hidden from view.
11. Do not work with the product in direct sunlight.

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