Extra Cut Compound 3D ACA, 946ml
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Extra Cut Compound 3D ACA, 946ml

Extra Cut Compound 3D ACA, 946ml

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Extra Cut Compound 3D ACA, 946ml is a high quality, safe, silicone-free, high-quality fast-cutting compound for use with wool swabs and rotary grinders to remove grinding marks in body environments. It is formulated and intended for use in body shops to remove traces of sanding after wet sanding. It can also be used by details to correct paint, including to remove deep scratches, water stains, swirl and oxidation.

Benefits of Extra Cut Compound 3D ACA, 946ml:

- fast cutting, long grinding cycle, zero dust and easy wiping
- quick-cutting compound to remove grinding marks and other serious paint defects, such as swirls, scratches, water stains and oxidation
- ACA X-TRA 3D cutting compound is specially formulated for use with wool cutting sponge
- Alpha Ceramic Alumina submicron abrasive technology
- removes traces of grinding with P1000 granulation
- water based
- wipes easily

Quantity: 946 ml