Eccentric Pneumatic Sander Festool LEX 3 150/3
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Eccentric Pneumatic Sander Festool LEX 3 150/3

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The Eccentric Pneumatic Sander Festool LEX 3 150/3 ensures fast work progress and at the same time a high quality image of the polished surface, for example, for coarse and intermediate grinding of flat and rounded surfaces or of the material to be sanded in the grinding process with 4 steps. With a weight of only 1 kg, minimal vibration, low working noise, robust engine and long service life, as well as extremely low compressed air consumption, it is suitable both for applications in the automotive sector and in construction of kitchens and furniture for the intermediate grinding of wood, paint and varnish, as well as for the preliminary grinding of composite materials.

Benefits of Eccentric Pneumatic Sander Festool LEX 3 150/3:

- Reduced compressed air consumption ensures greater financial savings
- Low vibration levels and quiet operation protect the user's health
- extremely robust design ensures long service life, minimum service requirements and significant savings
- simplifies permanent dust extraction, guarantees the best results and protects the user's health, when combined with the IAS 3 light hose
- a large grinding stroke of 3 mm ensures a fast work advance, a high quality grinding and cost savings
- the braking device of the grinding sole reduces the grinding errors when placing the machine on the semi-finished product, thus avoiding retouching and possible additional costs.

Specifications of Eccentric Pneumatic Sander Festool LEX 3 150/3:

Working pressure (dynamic pressure): 6.00 bar
Working hours: 20,000 minutes
Eccentric motion speed: 10,000 min⁻¹
Orbit: 3.00 mm
Vibration emission value ah (1 axis): 2.10 m / s²
Vibration emission value ah (3 axes): 3.70 m / s²
Air consumption at rated load: 290.00 l / min
Sound pressure level: 72.00 dB (A)
Grinding plate diameter: 150.00 mm
Weight: 1.00 kg

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